brenda lives precariously

another monday morning in mr. cramer's class. it's gotten to the point now that i am just reliving old red cross days, stuck at a computer, doing absolutely nothing. the only difference now is that more people can see me being useless. the truth is, i could ask the teachers to make me more useful, but i choose not to. mr. cramer seems to love being the star of his classroom and might feel threatened if i stood in front of the room to offer his students some nuggets about the english language. so here i sit, listening to them take a spelling test. let's listen:

"infallibility. infallibility. due to the pope's infallibility, i believe in all of his doctrine." edgar shouts: "i thought you were mormon!" the rest of the class begins to utter sentences in spanish. some of them could be cheating, but really, what difference does it make?

i think mr. cramer just sensed my feeling of uselessness. he wants me to teach the class mla format tomorrow. i better start looking into it.

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