i wish i had more hands

posted above is a picture of the water bottle that i drink from everyday. supposedly, it's healthier to use than a standard nalgene bottle. the latter has plastic layering within that can erode over a period of time. my bottle, the klean kanteen is made from stainless steel from glorious factories overseas in china. we'll see who ends up living longer.

i skipped work today. i woke up around 7:40 and decided the kids don't need me, i'm really of no use to anyone (myself included), and anyway, i still have a minor cold. or allergies. i can't decide yet. but mostly i think it has to do with claire's visit. claire is meagan's friend, and she is currently pursuing an mfa degree from arizona state university. last night she showed me the papers she is currently grading, nothing out of the ordinary: just your typical failed college level poems and decently put-together compositions. but i missed the hell out of it. i missed being in my school's writing center and giving people feedback on their work. my supervisor, other consultants, and some of the students i worked with told me i was good at it. and i believed it. it was the one thing i was good at, and i may have only gotten to do it for a year.

i think about my day to day duties now, helping students who don't know how to use "they're, their, and there"; students who could care less about how mass advertising affects their society; students who don't question their turbo-capitalist society. and i know, it's my obligation to introduce them to these concepts, but they simply aren't ready for them. they can barely scribble down a whole sentence, and it's killing me. i talk and talk and talk, and i ask, "am i making sense? do you get it? intiende (sp?)? do you understand?" and, of course, they nod because they want this filipino gringo to please just shut up, please.

i want to work at the college level because i know i will be surrounded by students who actually want to learn, who want to try. i know silvia, rafa, daisy, miriam, sonia, oscar, karina, orlando, and gabby will be there.

i wish i had more hands so i could give our education system four thumbs down.

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