infallibility: inability to make mistakes

it's 11:39 am and i'm in ms. rosburg's class. the students are copying "commonly misspelled words" and writing down the definitions for five of these words. right now, ms. rosburg is speaking with indo, a student who can speak punjabi, some spanish, some english, and some hindi. quadralingual, so. someone was playing eminem really loudly. i don't know what the kids are using. i know they have ipods, but their ipods can't get that loud. maybe they're brining little docking stations in their backpacks, but i thought those had to be plugged into an outlet. some further investigation will reveal the real noisemaker. students are milling around and talking about random things, completely unrelated to the work they're doing. i just heard someone say, "g-string." it doesn't feel like a classroom; it resembles more of a big child's daycare center.

i asked ms. rosburg about memberships fees at the Y. she didn't know the answer, but i'll find out tomorrow. i'd like to start "driving iron." the bell is going to ring in five minutes, and then i'm off to ms. shafa's eld 2 class. she tends to talk a lot and the kids talk back.

today is german's birthday. he's now 17, godding. i can't remember what my 17th birthday was like. i can't believe it was over six years ago. right now ms. rosburg is making german and another student show me the gold stickers underneath the brims of their hats. they keep the stickers on for a reason she and i don't understand. german says that it shows that it's an "original." i don't know any vendors in town that are selling fake white hats. i wonder if that kind of work includes good benefits.

this is gabby's last day. she's transferring to renaissance high, where my roommate's mom teaches. she said she was all set to go, and that's she been thinking about it for the last two weeks, but recently, she's been having second thoughts. i hope she can get the credits she's looking for.

my aunt is trying to get me a state job. most of the positions are looking for people with social work, psychology, library science degrees, and furthermore, they want people with at least six months to a year's experience in the related field. it really makes me question what kind of work you would call what i've been doing for the last two years. a b.a. in creative writing and experience in telling students the difference between a verb and a noun, a gerund and a participle. i'm not even always right. according to mr. cramer, only the pope is infallible.

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