our friend jacob once asked my girlfriend and me to join him, tiffany, tiffany's new boyfriend and some of her friends for drinks. we showed up, as expected, a little later than everyone else, and i didn't order. tiffany's new boyfriend was nice: a little old and a lot of white. her friends were also nice: a little too young and even more white. jacob was jew, that made him unique. i didn't know many jews then, and i still don't. aside from him, there was toby, penis ben, and penis ben's girlfriend, a skinny girl with glasses whose name i can't remember. anyway, we sat there, shooting the usual saturday night stink, myself quiet as always, and noticed three men sitting separately, by themselves. it was a bar, it was saturday night, so we thought nothing of it. later, after the drinks, the stink, and the men had all gone, jewish jacob admitted his ruse. he posted on craigslist that he was a woman wearing a red dress with large breasts who wanted to meet some nice, professional men. the three men who sat by themselves had taken the bait. we didn't know who to feel sorry for more: the three lonely men or our jewish friend with his twisted sense of humor.


ultrafknbd said...

Ouch. That's pretty cold.

sproutzzz said...

oh man, that's awesome!
why didn't jacob ever tell me about that??