over there you can see their new boat

this morning, kathryn had me take four students, laura, rut, marcos and edgar to the library. the four of them couldn't stop talking, and when i asked them to please be quiet, they insisted that they were helping each other with the work. i didn't believe them for a minute, especially since laura was looking at a flyer advertising some event for seniors. marcos and rut are really behind, and i'm positive they won't be able to graduate, unless they are labeled "special ed," in which case, they would receive a waiver for the cahsee test, which would allow them to graduate and receive their diplomas. i like laura, i really do, but sometimes she can be really defiant and stubborn. today was no exception. even when i moved them to the teacher's lounge, split them up and made them work in individual tables, laura still wouldn't work on her essay. instead, she claimed she would read an excerpt from burro genius, but from what i witnessed, she never got past the first page.

edgar claimed that he didn't need to work, since he was quite sure he already passed the test last month. i later got the idea to challenge him. "edgar, if you can prove to me that you can pass the test by completing this practice test, i'll make sure that you never have to do anymore work." of course i was lying, but at least it worked.

then, while they were working in the teacher's lounge, i read sandra cisnero's vignette, "salvador." i wanted to read it out loud to the four, to tell them, this is what you should be aspiring to do. i wanted to say, "use your creativity and everything you have because when you get to college, or start working, you're going to be surrounded by people who bring you down and make you doubt your abilities." i'm sure they already feel that way with this stupid test looming over their heads. i just hope i'm not contributing to their self-doubt.

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