pink-scented resume

i took the cset on saturday. the practice test offered only 30 multiple choice questions; in reality, english subtests 1 & 2 boasted 50 multiple choice questions each. that's 70 more questions that i had anticipated. while i finished all of them , i wish that i had more time for the writing sections. all i can say is that there are going to be a lot less english teachers in california. maybe that's a good thing. a small, good thing.

the kids in mr. cramer's 6th period class said they missed me. i was pretty surprised to hear that. 2nd period didn't give a damn that i showed up today.

seniors get their last chance to pass the cahsee test tomorrow. a lot of them aren't close to ready for it. i worry about them. i wish they didn't always think of education as a means to a job. that way, they might be able to enjoy learning for its own sake.

juan perez says he's not going to college. when i asked him what he'd like to do, he told me he was just going to go home, eat, and sleep. i found it difficult trying to convince him otherwise; not because he wouldn't listen, but because deep down, i secretly agreed that that's what we should all be doing. i think it was eliot who once said, "most of the world's problems are caused by people who are trying to be important." we should all just call it a night.

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