teach at the beach

after ms. shafa's eld class, jose corona asked steven where his laptop was. steven asked, "laptop?" ms. shafa tried to explain the difference between a computer and a laptop. "you know," she said, "a laptop is one that you can carry around." he looked at me and tried to explain further. "see, they call that one (as i pointed to mr. rhodes pc) a 'desktop' because it goes on the desk. a 'laptop' goes on your lap." i sat on the desk and made myself a lap, then pointed to it. "yes, yes. i understand," he replied. "i know the diff-rans." i felt bad, like i might've been condescending and treated him too childishly in the way i was explaining it.

it's a nice, sunny day and the bell just rang. school shouldn't be required, especially on a day like this one.

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