april fool's boobs.
fifth period was awful today. i think the students somehow know that i'm applying to be a teacher, and they're all acting up to make me change my mind. during the chanting of the woman who outshone the sun, i really let them know that i was pissed. i stopped and stared up at the ceiling. when i realized i was doing this, i knew it was a mistake. they mocked me some more, repeating phrases i was using to enforce silence. they're old enough to know it's wrong.

i'm waiting for quiet. "i'm waiting for quiet." don't repeat that. "don't repeat that." i couldn't do anything but shake my head. i couldn't even finish the lesson because it was so noisy. i just stopped at one point and said, "this is unacceptable." at least no one dared repeat that.

they started being nice again during the pair reading. i think i've earned their respect enough, so when i'm upset, they can sense it and they'll stop acting up. cruz tried to start up a conversation with me.

"mr. james. who found america?"

"what? i don't know. native americans."

"when was it discovered?"

"a long time ago."

"wasn't it christopher columbus?"

"no. native americans were already living here."

"i thought christopher columbus discovered america?"

"well, that would be like if i went over to your house and said i discovered cruz's house."

i think he liked that. he laughed and turned back to his reading partner.

by the end of the period, ms. joy had written at least six students' names on the board to stay after school. i realized cruz, normally a talker, wasn't up there.

"cruz. i can't believe it. you don't have to stay after school!"

"yeah, i know," he said. "i'm going to be a schoolboy so i can become a good businessman."

another unlikely makes the day salvageable again.

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sproutonic said...

that's my kind of teaching.