the face of resistance.

right now the eld kids are watching a black n' white video on the little rock 9. earlier, the principal, murray sheckman came in to talk to the kids because they've been giving the sub, ms. joy, a hard time. he spoke mainly in spanish (the kids will listen if an adult speaks fluent spanish in an assertive voice) about how senor rhodes is busy taking care of his baby, and just because he's gone doesn't mean that they don't have to keep learning english. he talked about how he was a white boy growing up in mexico, and how he had to struggle learning spanish. and how beautiful it is to be bilingual. how much richer you will be if you're bilingual. or better yet, trilingual. they listened, and i think, for the most part, it sunk in.

mr. sheckman spoke in a very humble, reserved tone. the kind only old men can master, like sam green, like dr. brown, like father leigh. you know you're doing something right when you command a room's attention with nothing more than whispers.

i started looking for open english teaching positions in northern california, but gave up when valerie getz told me that i shouldn't be looking for positions now. that the recruitment fair will help me find one, and that the location for my classes (sacramento, contra costas, or alameda) will be contingent (yes, she used that word) upon where i can find an open position. i'm just glad i don't have to worry about that yet. i just need to get through today.

in mr. cramer's class today, while i looked for teaching positions, i must've been pretty focused because christian and sergio started laughing at me. "what's so funny?" i asked. "nothing!" then christian whispers something to sergio. he turns back to me. "james, are you looking at porno?" i shake my head, grinning.

these kids and their imagniations.

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