guys in bikinis that are chubby.

i was wrong. the new sub's name is miss carissa. she decided at the very beginning that she was going to take roll, even though mr. rhodes has a seating chart that could've shown her right away who was missing.

she calls out, "yovani?"
at this point i walk up to her and say, "if you want, i can just tell you who's not here."
"that's okay, it's more fun this way."
i sit down. a lot of giggling happens, and i sit there, reading breakfast at tiffany's. baudel, giovanni, and cruz are not sitting in their assigned seats. i assume miss carissa doesn't care, so neither do i. when silent reading ends, she asks if i think they were good enough during reading time to go to the library.
"what do you think, james?"
"i don't know," i say. there was a lot of giggling going on."

she calls baudel, irma, and jorge to collect the books. then she reads them viva mexico!, a story about benito juarez, president during the mexican revolution (i know this because of jesus valadez, who, usually good, today was throwing staples that stuck to the ceiling). again, a whole hour of my life wasted, thanks to stupid americorps. whatever; i probably would've wasted it anyway.

at some point during the story, giovanni asks her how old she is. i'm guessing 25, 26. no older than 27. "that's not important," she says, offended. "you know, in some cultures, it's very rude to ask that." giovanni looks embarassed.

at another point in the story, she takes the opportunity to announce that the biggest place she's ever been is china. "lots of bicycles there," she said. "motorcycles?" jose lopez asks. "no, bicycles! bicicleta," jesus answers.

when the bell rings, i head out the door. "james, where are you going?" she asks. i'm surpsised, since i've been so useless the whole period. "i'm going to another class," i say. "could you stay two more minutes?" i agree, and stand next to jesus until they finish the book. then i leave.

i really don't get people sometimes.

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Dtrap134 said...

"a whole hour of my life wasted, thanks to stupid americorps. whatever; i probably would've wasted it anyway."

I find this quote to be an eerily accurate statement in regards to the current state of things.

[Also, I wanted to see how long it would take you to figure out that I commented on an old post.]