he kindly stopped for me.

mr. cramer asked me to teach emily dickinson to his second and sixth period classes. so i went in. we started with "tell all the truth but tell it slant," and i used some bad examples. "you know," i said, "let's say i have a fat friend named jenny. i can't just say 'you're fat!' i'd say, "hey maybe we should go to the gym together. we should work out together." really bad example. lisette, a heavier girl, covered her face. i felt really bad after that. then, to add insult to obesity, adrian said, "maybe we should go throw up together." "hey, that's not cool," i said. the class quieted down.

other than that, the rest of the lesson went well. brenda kept smirking through the entire class, as she usually does, and sometimes it feels like she's the sage, judging you, telling you that everything you're doing is wrong, wrong. but she's only 14, all attitude.

gabby is one of my favorites. she sits in front and gets really bright-eyed and excited anytime she gets an insight. she doesn't really like to work with others, and i don't really blame her because few try like she does. she's always raising her hand, full of life and wonder. she once wrote a story about a princess who fought some dragon. quite an imagination, yes.

we ran out of time, so that last group didn't get to say anything. not that they wanted to, either, but i think janessa did. and i think she would've had good things to say. she's another one of the sharper students. at the beginning of the year, kids would call her chola, half-breed, because she looked tough, and she was always late for class. she wrote a story once about how her mom was a drug addict. i hope the other classes are good to her.

then there's osvaldo, in the back, whose only answer is a shrugging of the shoulders. "be confident!" i said. "that's the great thing about literature. you can never be wrong!" christian jokes, says "karina can be wrong." "no," i continue. "as long as you defend your arguments, you can never be wrong." i decide to divulge some college secrets. "when i was in college, some of the dumbest kids would speak articulately. they could express themselves. they had confidence, and so people listened. so even if you don't know what you're talking about, at least be confident in yourself." looking back, the logic is a bit off, and i probably made osvaldo think that i was calling him dumb. hopefully not.

at least i was confident.

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