i don't believe in jesus. only luck.

mr. rhodes' newest sub is named carol. at least i think that's what she said her name was. another blonde woman, but younger, and less tall than last week's sub, ms. joy. i asked jose corona what happened to ms. joy. "she died," he said. "no, i don't know." "did you guys drive her loco?" i asked.

stephen really had no clue what was going on. they were in the library, looking up information about benito juarez, born in oaxaca, became president of mexico for a few years. i told him to take facts ("what's facts?") and put them in his own ("own?") words. "english, very hard for me," he said. "yes, i know. that's why you have to practice reading and writing everyday." "prah-tis?" "yes, practice," i said. i typed it into his electronic chinese-english dictionary. then, as usual, instead of doing his work, he asked me a bunch of questions. these questions usually range from "would you like to go to the moon?" to "did you hear the news?" today, he asked me if i believed in yey-hu.

"what's yey-hu?" i asked.
"you don't know yey-hu!" he nearly screamed with delight.
"no, i've never heard of yey-hu."
"you know. like this. like this!" and with that, he stretched out his arms and bowed his head to the side. the chinese christ sat before me.
"oh! jesus!" i said. "yes, in english it's jesus." i type it into his dictionary.
"haha. jesus."
"yes, jesus christ."
"do you believe?" steven asks.
"do i believe in jesus?" at this point it feels more like i am asking myself than i am asking him.
"yes, do you believe in yey-hu?"
feeling slightly catholic, i shrug my shoulders and say, "sure." did he mean did i believe that he really existed like the easter bunny or santa claus, or did i believe he died for our sins? i didn't push it.
"i don't believe," he said, eyes narrowed. "i don't believe in yey-hu."
"oh, okay." i said, thinking my weak faith might've upset him.
"i only believe in nuck," he added.
"nuck? you mean God?"
"no," he said. "nuck!" then he types it into his dictionary. it comes up "luck." then, a final time, "i don't believe in yey-hu. only nuck."