i have no reason not to believe you.

sunday. randomness of the weekend is what makes it the weekend. meagan said a weekend is like a balloon, completely full on a thursday, then slowly deflating until it's nothing more than a rubber worm on sunday night. here i type, on that rubber worm.

but today we went to point lobos. the first hike i made was with ace and sarah, a little over a month ago. then i took my parents there. the three times that i've gone, we've seen seals. they really like that area. the water's cleaner, bluer, and no people are there to bug them. we can only watch them from a cliff, as they sunbathe and swim through the layers of seaweed. it's a perfect sight for a deflating balloon.

the nuggets beat the spurs. nuggets lead 1-0 in the first round of the playoffs. i decided i was going to try and get back into the playoffs, after not watching them for seven years. playoffs were the second most wonderful time of the year, knowing that school was coming to a close, and it would stay light out until really late. the buzzing of the air conditioner, dad falling asleep at halftime. no one really cared about the games, unless the knicks or sacramento were in them, of course. all that mattered was that people would root, even my mom, root, rooting for something. then i'd challenge byron to some one on one in the backyard. i'd swat him a couple of times and he'd cry and i'd feel bad about it. looking back, i should've let him win every now and then.

meagan is making fried chicken from her mom's recipe. she thinks it will turn out badly, but i'm sure it will be fine. i tell her this.

i wanted to get a haircut today, but i didn't. instead, i got emily bronte's wuthering heights from the library. i felt like getting lost in something today.

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