richard mcbeef.
asian english majors have it rough today. mr. cramer let me teach a portion of his class. i did, and it went pretty well. i just need to repeat it for sixth period. at one point i almost didn't know what i was doing. it's always good to print out worksheets in case you run out of things to say. at twenty-four, though, i shouldn't ever have to deal with that problem. i always pick things up with, "back when i was in college..." the glory days. i saw jose corona after class. i think he still resents me for sending him to ocsc that one day. i have to take a constitution test on friday. the last of the last. finish up my one page statement, and it's all in. i might be a teacher. today wasn't so bad. gabby, karina, and adam answered most of my questions. juan is shy. irvin was throwing things. brenda was half asleep. jessica was quiet in the corner. david didn't say much. yvette and yaridra said nothing. is it yaridra? yadira? i should probably know these things by now. i like these kids' names. names i've never really heard before. delsy. yvonne. juanito. osvaldo. irvin. dulce. magali. there's disused tracks yet to be explored. i used "eschew surplus," the mark twain quote, and surprisingly, they picked up on it right away. "don't use so many words," adam said. "try to say as much as you can with as little as you can," gabby said. they were sharp. though no one really picked up the red wheel barrow image. i guess it is kind of tough. we're programmed not to see the obvious. my imagination's kind of dry in the morning. maybe because nothing's happened yet. how do 4 am writers work? imagine possibilities of the day. a girl in the back was silent. i wish i knew her name. bernice? she handed me a card that said her reason for not speaking. it's in solidarity with the silence of oppressed gay, lesbians, and transgenders. i thought it had something to do with virginia tech.
in this country, i think, the flags should fly at half mast everyday.

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