this is a read 180 classroom!

i got tested for tb today. went to the watsonville clinic and paid $12 for them to stick a little needle in my left arm. i waited for about an hour, then i went to the cashier.

"hi. i went to the bathroom for a little while. is there a way to see if they might've already called my name?"

"let me see." she calls the nurse.

"i've got a tb who's been waiting for a while now." waits a second. "okay, thanks."

"they're going to call your name right now."

they do call my name and then an asian nurse who looks like sandra oh (sidenote: yes, i am a racist and all asian women other than my relatives look like sandra oh) leads me into a little room.

"sorry for the wait. i was looking at my schedule wrong."

i smile and say, "it's okay." i would've been irritated, but since i do nothing at work and nobody ever gives two shits about me being late, it really is no big deal.

"feel a little sting," she says, and the needle goes in. it's less painless than i remember. i used to be afraid of needles; now i fear insurance policies.

"would you like a bandaid?"

"sure," i say.

sandra covers me up and says, "sometimes the adhesive can irritate the skin. take it off in 15 minutes." she also tells me to come back in 2-3 days. i thank her and leave. outside, the waiting room is even more crowded. children, from infants to preteens, are crawling, sitting in chairs, running around, when they should be in school. i wonder if they have to wait at the free clinic everytime someone in the family falls ill.

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