you're not afraid, and i'm not afraid either.

so, three kids are actually hanging out after school. too bad i don't know what the hell to do with them. so instead i'm blogging while yvette, ana, and magali are discussing scenes from disturbia. "i love that movie," ana said. "i was like shaking the whole time, but i loved it." i can't really talk, since i was a scream fan when i was their age. now they're going to the store to buy some candy. i feel like such a babysitter. what can i do? i didn't bring any books because i didn't expect anyone to show up. maybe i'll print out some poems. yeah, that's what i'll do. but when they get back.

last night meagan and i watched two episodes of the wonder years. we agreed that kevin arnold's hooking up with random, pubescent girls have subconsciously made us feel inadequate about not meeting someone until college. in reality, on the episode last night, when kevin turns away from the girl on the beach, thinking (in daniel stern's brilliant voice-over) she's out of my league, the scene would've ended then and there. but it doesn't. television, an escape.

the eld kids were good today. must've been the rain. i call cruz "schoolboy" now. he probably doesn't like it. i also explained when to use "a" vs. "an." a lot of kids complained, we already know that! but i continued anyway. some students still didn't get it. after class ms. joy explained that she might not be in class tomorrow because she'd like to attend a memorial service. her first neighbor's mother fell off a cliff. "driving?" i ask. "no," she said. "she just fell." it happened somewhere in carmel. sea ranch, i think, is what she called it.

jesus valadez told me he cleans the classrooms after school. "for how long?" i asked. "today. two hours." "what do you have to do?" "sweep." "and mop?" i add. i motion with two hands, as if i am mopping. "yes," he said. "mop."

my teaching statement is almost ready. valerie getz, administrative assistant for project pipeline, said that it could be single or double-spaced. whichever i prefer. she also said that last year, 300 applied and less than half met the requirements.

the girls are back. i'd better look for some poetry.

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