best kind of bear.

high fidelity is amazing. it captures how i feel every time i leave a record store, empty-handed. nick hornby calls it a "prickly, clammy" feeling, and i know what that's about. i'm listening to low now, one of my favorite bands. i can't really explain why i think they're great, except to say that they make me feel like a patient person.

in the spirit of high fidelity, here's my top five things i'd like to do with my life:

1. write great stories and live to see them published, possibly collected in an thology entitled "the collected works of james tan."

2. work at a writing center again, and have people say that i'm "deep."

3. expand record/hardcover book collection and spend more time listening/reading.

4. see friends and family succeed, possibly creating their own "top five lists" of things they'd like to do with their lives and do them.

5. make friends who stick around.

now, on a lighter note, the top five low songs:

1. venus
2. (that's how you sing) amazing grace
3. violence
4. will the night
5. when i go deaf

mrs. hansen didn't have much for me to do today. i sat there, occasionally got up to check grammar. even when i saw mistakes, i felt so useless i barely corrected anything. they'll figure it out one day, i tell myself. mr. rhodes asked me again about rock climbing. i said i'd go, and would saturday work for him? yes, he said, and so we're on.

i've never been rock climbing. once, when i was like in the second or third grade, i wore a purple shirt my cousin eric (or maybe marie) got me that said on the back, go climb a rock. i wore it to free dress day once, the same day i had to read a bible passage at church in front of the whole school. after school that day, this older girl says to me, "go climb a rock." i had no idea who she was, but i liked the attention. girls didn't talk to me then. the shirt was magic. i kind of regretted that i didn't go climbing with them. i wanted to, at the time, but it sounded dangerous, and i'm sure my parents were able to talk me out of it. too young. i couldn't hang.

mrs. hansen's kids played hangman today. the word was "sonnet." i got it when only an "s" and "e" were showing. that's just how good seattle university was.

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