by the beard of zeus.

today, i bought a basketball from target. first i went to the salvation army looking for balls. none. then it was big 5. the cheapest one i could find was $19.99 and the nicer, "high-quality" spaldings were as high as $39.99. what the hell. i don't remember this sport ever being that expensive. so target it was. $8 for a blue and black ball. good enough for me. though it did make me miss the seattle goodwill even more, where i could find any ball, any shape or color, along with cds, t-shirts and shoes my size, and mint condition books, always under $2. best thrift store ever. but, i digress. yeah, a target ball. a new low, perhaps? the woman who sold it to me was chubby and had glasses. she looked like a stereotypical loser on a 90's sitcom. even though i'm sure she's rad. she works at target after all. no sarcasm there. these days, i truly respect, even envy people who can hold down a job with actual responsibilities.

i only mention this woman because right after i purchased the ball, i shot some hoop. all by myself. i was hoping the skater kids, who most likely go to watsonville high, would've challenged me to a game, but it was unlikely. didn't happen. so while i tossed up more bricks than swishes, she came walking down the hill, crossed the court. i said hey because watsonville really is that small. you run into people you've just met. i tried my luck at more half court shots, but grew sorely disappointed when i airballed more than three times. speaking of basketball, i really wanted golden state to win tonight. they didn't. that's all i'll say about that.

later on in the afternoon, meagan and i walked up brennan just as immigration protestors were marching in the opposite direction. it was a strange feeling, as if we were consciously moving against them, a physical debate. i saw some students. yara, a girl once described by ms. joy as "hot and cold," waved over to me to join the march. i wanted to, but couldn't. teri's dinner awaited.

we talked about plans for yosemite. i reluctantly volunteered to drive, mostly because i knew it was either me or marisa. and i felt like some of us younger folk oughta step up every now and then. my roommate certainly doesn't. ever.

speaking of which, i walked into the bathroom the other morning, and the bottom of our tub was brown carpet. unacceptable.

meagan talked quite a bit with the woman at the library, since she herself is going to be a librarian.

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