the title of this entry is a jumbled word ms. juarez (marianna) used to help the eld students work on their spelling. they were supposed to use any and all letters they could to form new ones. they came up with: said, drugs, rags, dude, etc. the letters can be unscrambled to create:


today, however, i didn't feel as discouraged as i might've been. i was useless again in cramer's class (most likely will be, too, next period), but i was amused. like ms. juarez, he played a game, girls vs. boys, to help them with a parenthesis exercise. but, knowing that the boys in his second period class are much more behind than the girls, he helped the boys cheat. for example: "I have read every science fiction book I own - long pause - a considerable amount." then sergio would say, "book I own, parenthesis, amount, end parenthesis." for the girls though, he would read the sentence like this: ihavereadeverysciencefictionbookiownaconsiderableamount.

this really set off karina and rebecca, both in the back, who whined over and over, "you're cheating!" and, consequently, "god! the guys in here are so stupid that he helps them cheat like five times, and they still don't get it!" it was true. some boys, like christian and juan, kept telling the other boys to look at cramer's eyes, as if he were giving the answers away by signaling with blinks. the whole period, the boys never caught on that he was pausing to indicate where to put parenthesis. it was sad, but also kind of funny.

what i liked, though, is at the very end of this game, cramer finally paused to help yvette tie the game. still, it was disappointing, because had they lost, juan would've had to do ten push-ups.

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