el pato.

edgar got arrested today. i'm pretty sure it was edgar. i have no idea what happened. i just walked out of kathryn's advisory class around 10 o'clock, and there he was out on lincoln, getting patted down by a police officer, then put into the backseat of a squad car. there was a period where he didn't show up to mr. cramer's class for three weeks, maybe a month, but he's been coming regularly now. it's a shame. he's a really smart kid.

today was the last day for the nutrition program. lena made chicken enchiladas, and they were pretty damn good. i bought the wrong kind of enchilada sauce, lena said she wanted el pato sauce. "i'll get it at la princessa," i say. "hopefully they'll have it," she says.

two people from the associated press in s.f. came by to take pictures and interview some of the students. kathryn thought it was a pretty big deal. "the associated press," she said. "can you believe it? we didn't even have to call them!" the asian man from the AP was pretty quiet, kept to himself. the other woman, an old gringa (okay, she wasn't that old), was pretty full of herself. i guess i would be, too, if i was a journalist.

jeff, a young english teacher at watsonville high, came up to me and asked what i taught. "i don't teach anything," i said. "i'm not getting my credential." "what are you getting then?" he asked. "nothing." we said this at the same time and laughed. "actually, we get an education award after our service year," i added as an afterthought. he told me i could get a teaching job through edjoin.

in mr. rhodes' class jorge vasquez caught me yawning. "james, are you tired?" he asked me. "yes, i didn't get much sleep last night," i said. but i felt like spicing things up, so i decided to add, "too much mota. too much tequila." he gave me a shocked look, and i almost felt bad saying it. luckily, mr. rhodes showed up and had me run off some copies. i hope vasquez knew i was kidding.

tonight, however, i don't think i am.

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