first and last name, please.

on saturday, i got up early and showered. as i stepped into the shower, i thought, why am i doing this? i'm just going to get sweaty again. oh well. i went in. the reason i went ahead anyway is because i wanted to feel alive and awake, and nothing can accomplish both those things better than a hot shower. today was the day i was finally going rock climbing with mr. rhodes.

mr. rhodes has been asking me all year to come with him. usually, back in january, it was "if you ever want to come along, you have my number..." and then it became, "we're going this weekend..." always countered with a "i don't know - i think i might be busy, but i'll give you a call..." this time, though, faced with another lame saturday spent reading or thrifting, i gave it a go. and it didn't turn out so bad.

i asked rachel to come along, and i asked glenn if he'd ever done it. rachel had a triathalon, and glenn said, "i'm not good with heights." for a second i wondered if i shared the same fear.

which reminds me, once, americorps/red cross member ross and i stood by a cliff somewhere in northern washington. he said, "i never like looking down. it always seems so easy to just jump, you know. it's almost like a video game." i agreed. back before ross made his self-righteous anti-adbusters comment, and i didn't speak to him much after that.

i don't really think i'm afraid of heights. i think i'm just afraid of falling. but more specifically, just that feeling you get in your stomach. falling would be okay with me if my stomach didn't do that weird thing.

i exited morrissey to pacific edge gym in santa cruz. i missed the left on seabright and drove for a while before realizing i'd passed it. there was a part of me that wanted to be a no-show, and just claim that i had gotten lost. i've done it before. i think that part of me also likes letting people down, making them think that i don't have it together. often, i have this terrible side that doesn't feel any obligation to the human race - only people i know and those who know me very well.

but after a few u-turns, i made it and mr. rhodes kindly greeted me, introduced me to his filipino wife, jenny. she was 4'9'' and from cebu. mr. rhodes has visited her parents in cebu three times. she was polite.

rhodes baleyed (sp?) her up first and i watched her climb the easiest wall first. the beginner's wall. then he baleyed me next. he said that he didn't want to scare me, so i would just go up maybe halfway, then come back down. just to get a sense of tilting backwards, so that he could lower me with ease. "it's very counter-intuitive," he warned. the grips and footholds were easy, and after two warm-ups, i made it to the top, no problem. mr. rhodes then scaled the tallest wall in the gym, looking much like a spider or monkey. spider-monkey rhodes.

he wanted me to tackle a big wall when it was my turn again. i had trouble tying the figure eight and fisherman's knots. he showed me. i think i could do it now if i tried. anyway, i couldn't handle the big wall. i kept panicking about not being able to find anything to grip or hold onto, and i even lost footing twice. my palms sweat and i feared slipping, even though i knew the rope was holding me up safely. halfway up the wall, i asked him to lower me back down. i felt bad for letting him down.

mr. rhodes found another giant wall for me to climb. "this one has some better footholds," he said, and he was right. i made it to the top, slapped the pulley system, and he lowered me. it was called "the speed wall," but i was still pretty glad about conquering something so high. i could see why people do this for fun.

after two and a half hours of climbing, belaying, and chalking up, they decided to call it a day. dirty and hungry, i went to streetlight, and browsed through the bargain bins.

i don't have any great insights or anything unusual about the weekend. i wanted to write a pitchfork review for electrelane's no shouts, no calls, but i haven't yet. i wonder if they'll just take anyone's review. hopefully, they're like carlos alcantar. hopefully, they like to hear opinions.

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sprout said...

that's one of my pet peeves, when somebody is explaining something to you and they say, "it's very counter-intuitive," bc it's usually not.