in these mexicans, hope is a muscle.

mr. rhodes' 4th period class is awful. out of twenty-three students, i mentally counted all the "good" students, and it amounted to eight. by "good," i mean those students who don't constantly interrupt, who don't constantly wander around the room, throw things, and talk back to rhodes or me. in this class i've seen them harass steven, put thumb tacks on other students' seats, draw and/or color during class, talk back, arm wrestle, take twenty-minute bathroom breaks, steal other students' belongings. once, karen even ran out of the classroom. just walked out and ran away. i half-heartedly followed her. i didn't really care. she is the ringleader, anyway.

at the end of class today, mr. rhodes told me that one of his best students, maria hernandez, had never received any schooling in mexico. "i'll let you draw your own conclusions," he said.

today i found out that delsy's mom works at a bakery called "the cactus" near the pajaro river. her dad picks strawberries. delsy is one of my favorites because she is a rarity. she's quiet, she's always prepared, and she's always in her seat when the bell rings. she plays on the soccer team with karen. she's the one who broke off piece of a bite-sized kit-kat to share with this student, miguel, who was the male equivalent of karen. delsy has a worried look on her face whenever yara, karen, or the twins (liliana and adriana) yapyapyap when mr. rhodes is pleading for silence. i feel bad for her, and carl, and maria, alicia, dulce soto, teresa, dulce sepulveda and steven whenever class is interrupted. i can tell they want something better.

today, when class ended, i stood by the doorway to ensure that no one left before the bell, which they usually do. felipe jutted his chest out, and he got in my face. "get out of my way, esse." he is about my height, and he's pudgy. it was pretty funny.

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