miguel, he likes boys,

during fourth period i asked jose gonzalez if he's heard the song, "lean like a cholo." he said he had, but he didn't like it. "my brother, he have," he said. then later, he pointed to miguel solano and said, "miguel likes boys." what? "miguel, he likes boys. other day, i saw him. he was hugging jose corona." miguel is smiling the whole time, shaking his head, denying that he is, in fact, gay. i wanted to ask what the spanish word for "gay" is, but i didn't play along.

for some reason, mr. cramer decided to show how to write small vs. capital letters. he drew two solid parallel lines with a broken middle line in between. it looked like this:




then he drew a big "A" and a small "a." he was patronizing them, but it was actually well-deserved, considering how some of them write. after he had shown a few more examples of bigger letters and smaller ones, edgar called out, "so, are we gonna have to do this or what?" it would've been kind of funny to see them print the alphabet for their homework. just to see who would actually turn it in. i think i might have to pull that joke with my own students one day. the weird thing is, mr. rhodes did the same thing in his class. three lines and all. printing must've been in the air.

for lunch i ate my pb&j and a werther's original. i wish i wasn't so lazy about buying food.

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