screw blockbusters!

some things about this goddamned town:

both post office locations are closed on saturdays.
the district office's hours are from 8 - 4:30 pm.

i hate it when i drive somewhere, when i could easily pick up a phone, and find out that the place is closed. maybe there's a part of me that subconsciously likes disappointment.

sixth period wasn't boring, after all. cramer decided he wanted to get some grading done, so i taught hyphens, parentheses, and persuasive essays with zero preparation. the kids got really wild at one point. i yelled, "frankie!" he looked at me. "cool out."

anna, opposing animal cruelty (how is this a controversial topic?), started talking some nonsense about how if we mistreat the animals, then one day they'll rise up and attack us. i didn't really know what she was getting at. "that's sounds like planet of the apes," i said, never having seen the movie, and moved on.

frankie was one of the few who didn't know where to put parentheses. he's skinny, dark, and has big eyes. he sits by the door, so he's always the first to greet me when i'm late. once, i decided to randomly ask how his grades were. "they're bad. i'm failing in every class." "well, start coming after school," i offered. "when i was in high school, i did poorly, too, and i didn't ask for any help. i would've gotten a lot better if i stayed after school and got some tutoring." he half-listened. "but i do bad in every class," he said, "even math." "bring the math in, then. whatever it is, we'll work on it." frankie still doesn't come after school. how much prodding do i need to do? maybe sometimes we all just need to be helpless teenagers.

ashley wanted to know my stance on legalizing marijuana. all i could say was, "come after school, and i'll tell you all about it." i can't fit my opinions into fifteen second time frames. i need at least half an hour to discuss, days of blogging.

earlier today, janessa said, "i saw you walking yesterday. after school."
"oh yeah?" what else am i supposed to say to that? i was tempted to ask, "how did i look?" but thought it might've been inappropriate.
juan jumped in, too. "i saw you, too. listening to music."
janessa argued, "no, he was reading a book."
i kind of like all this fuss about me, so i don't defend either side. truth is, i listened to music halfway home, read high fidelity the rest of the way.

well, that's not true. i stopped when the road got bumpy and i almost tripped.

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