the side of me you haven't read.

the title of this entry is taken from a student's poetry anthology from mrs. hansen's class. i swear all these ambient post-rock bands (explosions in the sky, mogwai, godspeed!, etc.) took all their titles from ELD students. how else would they get "the earth is not a cold dead place," "may nothing but happiness come through your door?" they must've learned it from mexicans.

i secretly tape-recorded mr. cramer's class, hoping it would be a typical class. it was not. the kids worked on their persuasive essays, mr. cramer didn't bring up any religious or political views, and there wasn't incessant chatting and laughter all period. i was disappointed.

in ms. hansen's class, i did a word search, read some student poetry.

i am changing the world; yes, one small step at a time.

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