i made it to level 2.

i made more copies this morning. katy asked me to, so i did it. when i got back to the classroom, the class was divided in three groups. i took the one nearest the door. i always do things like that. esteban, the talker, was in the group. he's always saying something in spanish and expecting me to understand. when i don't, everyone laughs. at least they're having a good time. they worked on math problems. i could barely remember how to subtract fractions. this one kid, luis, solved the problems quicker than i could.

during lunch, meagan and i had to "supervise" the students. "what are we supposed to do?" meagan asked. "be a witness to some violence?" i'm in no shape to break up a fight. many of the students are bigger than me, or at least the same size. some random fatboy wearing a grey shirt buttoned to the very top asked me something in spanish. "i don't speak spanish," i said. "you beat him up," the boy said to me. "what? beat up who?" "him!" he said, pointing to another boy wearing a red headband and red shirt. i then realized that the fat one thought i was a sureno because of my blue sweatshirt. little does he know surenos don't shop at the j. crew outlet in gilroy.

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