i think i'm gonna go for a run.

meagan is going to develop a talking rachel doll. here are some of the things it will say when you pull its string:

"i think i'm gonna get some candy."
"i'm tiiiiiired."
"i think i'm gonna go for a run."
"i wonder what we're gonna do tonight."
"helloooo? helloooo?"
"when's halloween?"

the doll also comes with two accessories. a pan full of brussel sprouts accompanied by artificial spray butter. it won't be a big seller, but it will be amazing.

some things about today:

- juan couldn't write numbers like 'five,' 'twelve,' 'twenty,' 'ninety.'
- i learned (again) never to buy jamba juice from a location that hasn't been open for more than two years. they don't know how to make them unless it's been over two years.
- a pack of boys became dead silent when two chicas walked by. one was wearing a ridiculously short skirt. aye!
- my neighbors were throwing a banging party in their caport. you always know it's a party when the blue tarp is covering the entrance.
- jason cried when i asked him to write his name down. he's only 4; i guess i shouldn't have pressed too hard. i just want him to learn something already rather than call out "spider! look, look! spider!" whenever he spots some cobwebs.
- i ran on a treadmill for fifteen minutes straight. i closed my eyes for a second to imagine i was some place else, but i realized i was falling off the track. luckily, i landed on my feet and didn't look too much like an idiot. i never have luck with treadmills.
- i ate nasty leftover pasta cold for lunch.
- rachel got me an aquarium pass for when claire, kevin, nia and byron visit this weekend. i like it when people visit.
- the principal of george y. komure (pronounced 'coy-mer,' i think) called me to schedule an interview. it's for 7/8th graders, which i don't really want, but at $42,000/yr. i might have to reconsider...

rachel's eating an apple. maybe we'll have to add a crunch-crunch-crunch sound, or possibly the noise a blowdryer makes.

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