i think you need a new one.

my dad's out looking for a car today. a new toyota corolla. when i have real money and can afford to buy a car, i'm going to run it until it no longer runs. my pre-calculus teacher, mr zielke, once advised us, "Buy the best house on the block, and the shittiest car on the lot." i'll do that.

i wasted a lot of time yesterday, playing Deadrising and Guitar Hero with byron. it makes me sad, watching my cousins turn into zombies in front of their hdtv's. watching my parents veg out to the cooking channel. it scares me that complacency comes so easily. that i can become just as guilty, too. i told my mom about composting. she seemed halfway interested. "that's a nice pail," she said, as i showed her a compost pail online. "is it free?"

last night, rich seemed distant, eating sunflower seeds, just getting off work. i don't know what it is. maybe he's tired of me just showing up when i feel like it, demanding to play music when i feel like it. byron used his laptop to record our 4 song jam session. i tried to play 2 new songs that i wrote. they didn't turn out as great as i had originally hoped. we'll try again later.

sacramento is disgustingly hot. it's only going to get worse in july. the heat just gets trapped in the valley, not blown away like in watsonville, in seattle. i hate the inside of my car when it's been sitting outside.

my mom's watching the food network. she gets up every now and then during commercial breaks to pull something from the kitchen. i tapped her on the head and said, "you're watching too much tv," as she used to tell me when i was younger. she came in to the kitchen and tapped my head. "you're watching too much computer," she said.

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