last day of school.

today is my last day at watsonville high. i won't go into missing this school; i've already done that. i didn't, however, bother going to mrs. hansen's class. the kids don't know me very well, and i barely know their names anyway. instead, i tried to go to the library to print out some old lesson plans that i've created throughout the year, but the library was closed. i went to the career center to use their computer, but the secretary said the printer hasn't been fixed yet. then i went back to our office, tried all three computers, and none of them would successfully print. the perks of being in a public school.

i saw mrs. hansen leading her class to the bookroom so that they could return their books. she blew bubbles as she trailed behind them. this one girl, chelsea i think her name is, reached up to pop one.

i plan on visiting mr. rhodes' 5-6 period class one last time and then visit mr. cramer's 6th period class. i should've brought something, but i didn't estoy flojo.

aimee gets back tonight, which means that the four of us - meagan, rachel, aimee and i - can finally watch boogie nights. that's the one bad thing about watsonville. any time you really want to do something, for example, watch boogie nights, it turns out you have to drive all the way back to sacramento to borrow it from your cousin because none of the local stores have it. their excuse is always the same, "someone rented it and never returned it." you think they'd be wise enough to replace the copy after x number of months. not so.

gringo slept through first period. seniors. they don't have to be here this week.

all i want to do is make copies of my lesson plans and work on creating my teaching portfolio, but none of the resources at this school will allow me to do it. oh well. i'll miss this place anyway. i hope to work here one day. a place where a man can't really get anything done.

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ultrafknbd said...

You'd think Boogie Nights would be a bit more ubiquitous. It's not like you're asking for Wild Strawberries. I'm thinking I should've checked out the vid stores in those small Ohio towns, ya know, for comparison sake. Then again, I may overheard a convo concerning Clouzot's Wages of Fear ona farm near Troy. I didn't really get a sense of any provincialism there.