oh, teenage hopes alive at your door.

got offered a job today teaching english to 7/8th graders in stockton. i don't know about stockton. said i'd check it out on july 6th. we see how things go...

i played soccer with esteban, francisco, ivan, and some others. meagan said i looked like
'an old man' out there.

worked out for the third day in a row. could only lift five pound weights on each side about fifteen times. if that. i'm too weak. i remember not being able to do pull ups when i was a kid, and making room for all the girls that could do at least twenty. sissy boy.

i have another phone interview with luther burbank high's principal on thursday. what am i getting myself into?

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ultrafknbd said...

'luck on the Burbank interview. Like the zen koan says, "ask for what you want; if you get it, that's good; if you don't, that's wonderful."

Pull-ups are very difficult. If you're blessed with a small frame (er, me), it helps. Try negatives to work your way.

...sorry, for the unwanted advice.