the spirit of gleaning.

once, after having seen the documentary the gleaners and i, meagan and i went a walkin' and spotted a giant green antique dresser on the side of the road on 22nd ave. in seattle. it was a real fixer upper - needed a nice new sanding job, new paint, new handles, etc. but we still decided we wanted it. it was only march. we had a few months to fix it up. we tried to lift it. it was the single heaviest piece of furniture i'd ever touched. still, after many stopping breaks, we managed to drag the huge beast into our basement.

it sat there until june.

when we decided it was time to get it out of there, that we didn't have any time or energy to work on it, neil (meagan's friend) and i lifted it out of there, with the intention of dragging it to a dumpster or abandoned lot. instead, we carried it to the end of the alley (about 50 feet away) and left it on the sidewalk. "this is probably good enough," i said. he shrugged his shoulders and set it down. we walked away, supressing our guilty laughter.

it sat on the sidewalk for at least three weeks until some other sucker picked it up.

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