teachers love that.

last two days here at watsonville high. i'm gonna miss this brokedown place. mr. rhodes' chanting, "do you wash the dishes everyday?" kathryn playing her baseball and basketball games with the kids, giving them a chance to hit or shoot even if they don't know "two" vs. "too." and mr. cramer threatening to beat his students like the "stepchilds that they is" (his words, not mine). i'll miss the dumpy staff bathroom we used at the beginning of the year, that always smelled of lysol and had a large fan running whenever you walked in. baudel asking me if i'm a "scrap" because i chose to wear blue that day. sonia calling me a "northsider." israel telling me his plan after high school is to sell drugs. darren trying to sell me his zoom. karym, acting a fool, dancing or praising jim carrey. mireya, sitting at my desk, doing a job more important than mine. jesus rivera writing so small and so lightly that you can barely read it. yovani not understanding a damn word i say. edgar asking me if i'll stay after school and then him never showing up. ana running toward me with a handful of poems. jorge vasquez reading in spanish when he should be reading in english. miriam always giving me an overly enthusiastic"hiii jaaaames!" erik saying, "salud" whenever i sneeze, then saying "de nada" when i don't respond. eli asking me if i've heard of some band, the decemberists, or the flaming lips, or dragonforce. frankie and oswaldo saying they don't know, they give up. rene asking, "did cecilia already go to lunch" in his heavy accent. beatriz, greeting me for the first time all year out of the blue, because she has finally passed the english portion of the cahsee.

i leave a thank you note with the secretary to put in kathryn's box. i forgot that she only works with seniors this week, and that they don't have class anymore. "sure, i can do that," the secretary says. "she'll appreciate it. teachers love that."

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