that's no avion.

i've spent the whole day today sleeping, eating popsicles, drinking 7up/water and watching tv. i feel disgusting. my stomach has been hurting since last night and i was close to throwing up a few times. meagan went to a meeting this morning that was cancelled since glenn and rachel are on vacation and i'm staying home with god knows what. it must've been undercooked chicken. gross. should've stuck to being veggie.

anyway, i was watching a lot of cable news. i didn't actually have the patience to stick around and watch an entire segment - it was just enough to make me feel a little more queasy. one of the top stories was dan rather attacking cbs for dumbing down the news. and this was being debated over some msnbc piece of shit spot, where the news anchor had to conclude the introductory segment with "you know how i feel about that." cable news is really starting to scare the shit out of me. they seem to be hiring any rich old white dude with strong bravado and a love of the death penalty. o'reilly doesn't even bother me that much. it's these new guys (i can't watch long enough to catch their names) that bug me. it makes me sick to know that some people consider what they're watching as legitimate news. it's not news. if i wanted to hear a bunch of underqualified white guys give their half-wit opinions about what they think is important in the world, i'd go to a bar in santa cruz and schmooze with the yuppie crowd.

and i try to keep up with democracy now! but cable access tends to repeat the same talks - veterans criticizing the iraq war, victor villasenor's speech at the mello center = that i don't have the patience to find out what's going on.

liz stoll doesn't have jack for us to do. she promised us real volunteer work this week, but so far, meagan has been shelving books at the library at pajaro valley high school. the whole thing makes me anti-volunteerism. if you're idealistic, get a job that actually means something. if you're just plain lazy, join americorps. meagan and i are planning to launch an anti-americorps website, cirticiziing all that is wrong with the programs we've endured for the past two years. don't get me wrong. i like helping the underserved. but i should've just manned up a long time ago and became a teacher, or a full-time writer. getting yanked around for free is just stupid.

my cousin rich is finally visiting watsonville tomorrow. hopefully my queasiness will have disappeared by then. i don't know what to do with the guy. there's not much to do in watsonville.

yesterday, a woman tina called me kiddo. "i call everyone that - everyone under 40 because i'm 41." so good for you, tina.

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