why are you calling my mom?

saw feist last night. she seemed really bored, even though the crowd was into it. one nice surprise was that for the encore, she performed, broken social scene's "lover's spit." amazing. the rest of it was so-so. liked "1-2-3-4" and "my moon, my man," but the rest of it was surprisingly boring. and she told really long jokes that didn't go anywhere. that was kind of annoying. and the poster the fillmore provided wasn't that great, either. let down.

sequoia elementary in stockton said that they might consider me for the position. so, i'm going to check out luther burbank high (sac), sequoia (stockton), and komure elementary (stockton). what's with all the need in stockton? the only upside is that they have a rasputin's down there. i really hope this next year won't be miserable.

today, francisco got in trouble and i had to walk him to the principal. he answered ms. flatley something in spanish, and she got wickedly upset. "don't ever disrespect me!" she repeated. sounded a lot like rollergirl, actually. francisco said to me, "i was only asking why she was going to call my mom."

esteban got on the roof to retrieve the soccer ball. i yelled at him to get down. "don't do that!" i yelled, but honestly, i didn't care. a broken leg is a good lesson. i told ms. flatley anyway, and she told the principal. they got a nice, long lecture and looked pretty broken down when they returned to class. i think esteban was pissed, but i got him back on my good side by telling him my song: "i say, 'este!" you say, "ban!" este! ban! he participated. kids will do anything so long as it's weird.

ms. flatley asked the kids to write us letters in the computer lab yesterday. we read them this morning. a lot of students wrote, "you are my best friend."

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