yesterday, we threw a surprise party for meagan at aimee's great housesitting gig. besides us, aimee and glenn were there. rachel didn't know when her flight was coming in. it turned out that it was today.

went to san francisco again today. originally, we were supposed to go to napa for meagan's birthday, but when she found out napa was only an hour and a half away from sacramento, she decided to wait until august. so we drove to san francisco. the weather was beautiful again, and this time, dong's girlfriend, jean, came along. we drove to an italian restaurant on columbus and ordered a tre formaggi with a salad for appetizer. columbus avenue was crackin', as dong said, because of the north beach street street fair. crappy local music swirled through the air as we walked down to xox truffles so meagan could indulge in another box.

dong was pretty excited when he saw a basketball in my backseat. "you're playing again?" he asked. "just shooting around every now and then," i said. it got us talking about the old days when we played on the b team. he still resents members of the a team, who really were much terrible in comparison to him. we talked about how alex o'hara didn't even try out, due to an injured arm, but still made the team. how aldo made it because his brother, gino, was best friends with the coach, bert. the injustice of it all. it got me thinking, maybe it was good that i went to an uppity private school, otherwise i might never have hated the rich and capitalism in general.

on a totally unrelated subject, rich finally made it to watsonville. he came in on thursday afternoon. i won't recap the whole thing, but some highlights include:

* when he came back from the lily allen concert in sacramento and found his dad still drinking with his buddy, ernie, in the garage. "where's the girl? where's the girl?" ernie asked. "stupid ernie," rich said, remembering the drunk look on his face. rich telling the story: "then i'm trying to go to sleep because it's like midnight or one, and i hear ernie going to the bathroom and he goes, 'woooo!' like he's at some great fucking party or something. it's just you and my dad! was that 'woooo' really necessary? stupid ernie."

* when playing baseball with the four-year old mexican kid, jason, rich swung at the tennis ball jason was pitching, and the ball hit jason in the stomach. we then taught him how to say, 'woooo!' on cue.

* we watched dream girls. a waste of time, except for rich's favorite line: "you couldn't kill shit."

* the three of us ate clam chowder from sourdough bread bowls.

i just killed a spider that was two feet above from where meagan was sleeping. all is right with the world now.

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