aetna, i hate you, and you're bringing me down.

sequoia elementary cancelled my interview today. said they found a "more qualified" teacher for the position. come on, who's more qualified than me? whatever. so now i'm only looking at george y. komure elementary. it better be good...

the kids went on a field trip today to bethany university. who's idea was this? let's take a bunch of poor mexican students to a predominantly (62%) caucasian, christian school? needless to say, the kids were bored, the volunteers uncomfortable. the christian students, chad, "rags," (a chubbier version of dominique) and bree, talked about their school. bree: "i prayed to jesus to figure out what school i wanted, and i felt most at peace here."

after the debacle at bethany, we took the kids to sky park. the whitest part of scotts valley. i could feel the mothers snatching their kids up and heading for their cars as my troop of underprivileged mexicanos made their way to the picnic tables. run for your lives! they've crossed the unfinished wall and now they're here!

meagan, miss fisher (the temporary principal) and i tried to give them a sobering talk abot college, since most of them seemed pretty bored on this trip. i talked about how i was the typical slacker in high school, and how i barely got accepted to seattle university. "everyday after school, i watched tv, slept, did an hour of homework, if that, and then went back to sleep." to this day i still don't know why seattle university took me in. i just got lucky. i hope these kids get lucky, too.

i worked with jason a.k.a. "de pico" after school. i tried to read him where the sidewalk ends, but he was barely having it. he keeps wandering around and talking about his "muscles." he says he needs to work his muscles and then he goes running up and down a bench. normally, this would be cute, but after working with detached ninth graders all day, it just gets kind of annoying. i just want to teach somebody something, anything. i just want to keep telling everyone what i've learned, what i'm thinking, but i guess that's what this blog is for.

meagan and i watched sicko yesterday. our current insurance provider, aetna, was featured at least three times as one of the worst companies. we decided that we're going to move to france once we have enough money saved.

other tidbits of the day:
*daisy wanted to go home early because the park had no hot cheetos. we ended up playing around the world. i beat her.
* esteban complained that he didn't want to be in miss fisher's group. "i want to be with james," he moaned. it made me feel like i mattered.
*francisco a.k.a. "shaggy" shook his head and said, "yes." he nods his head and says, "no."
*the chubby dominique ad-libbed a song. she has a great voice. but, she's a christian.
*chad said he was from issaquah. meagan later told me, "he reeked of issaquah." then added, "i hate white guys with dreadlocks."
*tommy looked like he was listening intently to our sobering speech. i hope he achieves much more than i did in high school.

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sprout said...

on, who's more qualified than me?
on, who's more qualified than i am?