but i'm not a wallflower.

we took the kids on a field trip to the watsonville library today. i tried to get luis to check out the perks of being a wallflower. he looked at it, then handed it back to me. i gave it to joanna. she tried to make a joke out of it. "what are you trying to say? that i'm a wallflower?" i told her i thought she would like it, but she just kept answering back. "i'm not a wallflower." "well, joanna," i said, "not every book i read is about me." "well, that's why i'm reading this magazine. it's about me." kids drive me nuts. so, instead of dealing with them, i pulled out glenn's complete bicycle manual and read some of it. i still don't know how to lower the seat on my bike.

the only great thing that happened today was when the boys didn't want to go inside the art gallery. instead, they sat outside and started playing with rebecca's makeup. esteban curled his eyelashes, shaggy put on some blush, and they put clips in bernard's hair. he looked like such a dazed mexican woman when tey were done that i couldn't stop laughing. then, walking back to school, i called meagan "doggy dog" like i usually do, and then asked her how it translates into spanish. "perrito pero?" "perrito pero," i repeated. veronica laughed and covered her mouth. then she stuck her pinky out and curled it to mimic a little penis. it made me think that "perrito pero" doesn't literally translate into "doggy dog."

at the end of the day, katy yelled at the kids again because they were out of control and giving her attitude all day. shaggy got it the worst. i think he always gets yelled at more than the others because he's darker and he speaks less english. anyway, she yelled at him because she claimed that he threw something at her, even though he said he didn't. he stormed out of the room despite katy calling at him to wait so she could have a word with him. ten seconds later, he returned, not because of katy, but because he needed a ride from meagan and me. it was a pretty ballsy move, and we thought it was funny. we imagined what was going on in his head. "ms. flatley makes me mad. oh, but i really need that ride today. i should go back..."

meagan found a nudey card while we were walking today. luckily, none of the students saw it. it's a picture of a very early 90's looking dude with an erect penis sitting on the beach. meagan taped it to rachel's door.

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