jesus liberation.

i stayed up until 4 am last night watching final destination 3 with byron and rich. it was unpleasant. then, at around 8:50 am, i got the call. "hello, is this james tan?" yes. this is james, i said, groggily. "this is mr. rosas. i'd like to offer you the position." i felt shocked, relieved, and sleepy all at once. i must've sounded it, too. "it must've been a long night for you, huh?" he said laughing. i didn't really know if he meant that i sounded dead tired or that he must've thought i had stayed up late anxious about his decision. little did he know i was watching shitty pseudo-horror films on rich's hdtv.

so, yeah. i'm going to be teaching language arts this coming year to 7-12 graders. it's an alternative ed/continuation school called mather youth academy in sacramento. here's the rub: i have to create an entire curriculum for all grade levels for the entire year without the help of any other english teachers. i am the english department. the school has a military component; kids exercise and run drills early in the morning, and then i get them. these are kids who have either missed a lot of credits and need to catch up, got pregnant and need to catch up, or got expelled and need a chance to get back on track. "no one comes here by choice," mr. rosas, the principal, told me.

today i picked up the teacher's edition of the holt handbooks and got the school calendar from mr. rosas. he told me it was a tough decision. "there were three other candidates who were really good," he said. "they had a hell of a lot more experience than you. but," he added, "i think you would be the best fit here." it was a compliment, i think.

it looks like i'll be talking about more hard times. school starts on august 13. i'll tell you all about it.

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