I've been working out lately, since I got a free guest pass to Body Zone on Rachel's birthday. Two weeks before that, I got a week long guest pass because of Meagan's birthday. So, by working out, I mean running for twenty minutes (if that) and then lifting the bar a little. Sometimes, if I'm feeling ambitious, I'll add two fivers to each end. I can do about twelve, and then my arms give out. It's actually a pretty sad sight. Once, Meagan recommended that I take my shirt off and make grunting sounds when lifting the bar. I didn't take her up on it.

Luis, this chubby kid who reminds me of a Mexican version of myself at 14, asked me if I've seen the previews for the new Simpsons movie. It was a little unexpected since he hardly ever talks, and when he does it's usually only to his friend, Rigoberto. He seemed extra excited to help me bring the lunches to the classroom, too. He told me that he's glad he's at summer school because if he wasn't he'd just be helping his mom at work. "Where does she work?" I asked. "Picking strawberries." Sometimes I feel so bad for these kids I don't know what to do.

While playing Mad Libs the other day, one of the kids suggested "Tempicoloyoe" as a noun, and, like a sucker, I wrote it on the board thinking it was a town in Mexico. Later, realizing I'd been had, I asked Daisy what it meant. "Oh," she said. "It's a bad word. It's so bad I can't even tell you." Wonderful. I imagine it's equivalent to something like a dirty sanchez or maybe a Cleveland steamer. Who knows.

I went to the Migrant Camp today with Meagan and Glenn. Nothing really exciting happened. Meagan showed the girls how to make beads and I helped a kid read. He was already a very good reader, so I didn't really know what to do with him. "So, you like alligators, huh?" One of the girls, Julissa, asked me if I was from "Chee-nah." "No," I said. "Don't you remember what I am?" I didn't expect them to, since I hadn't seen any of them since January, but Perla surprised the hell out of me when she told the girls I was Filipino. It made me happy that someone under the age of ten actually remembered. And didn't follow it up by asking if I knew Manny Pacquio (sp?).

Last night the AmeriCorps group met as a whole for one last time. We exchanged letters and I read out loud my top ten lists for everyone. Some of the titles were: "The Top Ten Reasons Teri Is the Top Chef," "...Why Marisa Is the Ultimate Ba," "...Why Rachel Is Marissa Cooper to My Seth Cohen." It actually went a lot better than I thought it would. See, I can be funny if I want to.

Tracy Unified School District called me to schedule an interview, but I told them I couldn't make it. To be honest, I could've taken part of Thursday off, but I'm just not in the mood anymore. It's going to have to be in the Sacramento area or nothing. I don't feel like living in Fairfield, or Fremont, or San Leandro or some other obscure Northern California town.

Today, Katy told the class "boldness" was an adjective. I corrected it. And during math she said -4 - 6 was 2. "No, it's -10." Sometimes I feel like she's just purposefully making mistakes to see if she can send Meagan or me over the edge. Meagan says that earning a master's in education doesn't prove a damn thing, and Katy's living proof. All they teach you is time management, behavior management, lesson planning, all the other bullshit you'd learn anyway just by doing it.

Meagan and I watched Soul Man this evening. I highly recommend it.

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