summer = ice cream.

watsonville is amazing. it never gets over 90 degrees here. at night, it even gets chilly. i'm not looking forward to hundred degree heat in sacramento this weekend. back in the day, during my high school summers, i would wake up to a hot and stuffy room. it didn't used to be like that. my dad cut down the tree in our front yard when i was in fifth or sixth grade because my aunt ging-ging, a.k.a. ate, told him it would bring him good luck. my dad ended up selling his care home shortly after that, then went to work as a janitor with my uncle mike at uc davis. thanks a lot, ate.

the kids were out of control yesterday. i finally realized it was because they didn't have to go to school today. fridays are never really that bad, but any school days right before a holiday makes them go nuts. jesus was especially getting on both meagan and my nerves. jesus is this chubby kid with really skinny legs, and he's always hanging around tougher, older looking dudes. he's a total poser, but nobody's told him that yet. anyway, yesterday, he kept telling me to "lean like a cholo." normally, i don't mind humoring the kids, and putting my elbows up, side to side, but since they were so terrible yesterday, i refused to do it. they were constantly talking through meagan's vocabulary lesson, so she finally just gave up and said, "alright. forget it. i'm done." she erased all the words from the board.

it's days like that where i really don't mind military recruiters coming onto campus. i know, it's a terrible thing to say, but even after meagan and i gave our whole talk about how recruiters were going to trick them into signing up during their junior and senior years, two of them still raised their hands when asked, "who still wants to join the military?" jesus was one of them.

is our children learning?

meagan, aimee and i went to pajaro dunes yesterday and played some games on the beach. who could jump the farthest? who could throw the purple soccer ball the farthest? baby in the air! it was strange, yet fun. then aimee and meagan got ice cream at basking robbins. "summer equals ice cream," aimee said, eating peach ice cream off a sugar cone. i didn't get any. i've decided i'm lactose intolerant. i knew one scoop would send me to the bathroom all night. i also decided i have a mild case of OCD. i throw away scraps of paper, even if they don't belong to me. i just don't like clutter.

today is the fourth of july. we're going to the watsonville plaza to watch the parade at 2 p.m. lots of fireworks are going to go off tonight. i used to look forward to that when i was little. but my mom, as usual, would ruin it. "all your money, just going up in smoke," she would say. and now that i have so little of it, i wouldn't dare buy a single sparkler. thanks a lot, mom.

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