baby i'm a want you.

i haven't much to report considering i didn't do jack today. i bought a brita filter for my parents so that they wouldn't keep using bottled water. yesterday, i bought tempeh, avocado and cheese to make sandwiches, and as usual, i didn't take a plastic bag. the first bagger seemed fine with it. then, another bagger came along. "paper or plastic?" he asked. "i don't need a bag," i said. "oh, you don't need one. okay." it almost felt like i was defending myself. "that's how fucking ingrained people are to being environmentally irresponsible," i told my cousin as we left the store. i hate being a hippie, obviously. but it's such a waste. 5,000 years for one bag to decompose. i think we can all do without them.

i've been making worksheets for my kids, but i feel like such a hack. i've been reading the new teacher book published by, and one of the writers talked about how much time is wasted making kids fill out worksheets. i almost feel like i'm working against myself. i know i don't need to stick to the textbook, but i don't know if these kids will be advanced enough to just read to kill a mockingbird and discuss it at a normal high school level. i really have no clue who i'm dealing with here. unfortunately, i looked up two staff members from my new school. one was a drill sergeant, the other an instructional assistant. all i can say is, it's probably going to be a very long year.

tomorrow's the first day of orientation. please, god, no ice breakers.

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