kaluha cake.

i got paid today. that makes up for my non-refundable enrollment fee, i guess. take that, mrs. fortune. actually, yolo high school, another continuation school wanted to interview me today. i don't know why i turned in the application. i really can't be a teacher this year. i'll just have to tell them that.

today felt productive. i helped my mom clean out the kitchen cabinets. we got rid of all these dishes, mugs, and other miscellaneous items. is that how you spell it? i've been using misc. so long i forgot. it always feels really good getting rid of crap, straightening things out. what does that say about what kind of work i'd be best suited for? garbage man? executioner?

i started my lasagna garden today. it felt good, to actually be outside, feeling like i'm doing something. all i did was lay down wet newspaper, but that's how you have to start. then i pulled the grass clippings from our yard waste bin and put it down as the second layer. i wonder how my dad's gonna feel about that. he can't be too upset, though, especially if i mow the lawn tomorrow evening to add to the layer. maybe i'll just be a full-time gardener. i think i really could not work anymore, if only we had some goddamn socialized healthcare. maybe all the exercise and being outside will help my immune system, though.

one thing annoying about living at home again, though, is mom's demands. she's already barking at me to wash my car, clean the bathroom, etc. i've got to earn my keep.

tomorrow's supposed to be 103 degrees. wonderful.

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