none's unfair in hate and peace.

yesterday afternoon, inside a dimly lit fair game shop off fair oaks blvd., watching my older cousin scramble around looking for a silver face plate that cost $20 to put on his psp, i suddenly missed college a whole lot.

"how do you install it?" rich asked. "we can do it here," the clerk, a teenage boy, said. "but," he added, "it'll cost $20." "oh, i didn't bring it with me," rich answered. "do you have one that's already on so i can just see how to do it?" "no," the clerk said. "i don't know how to put it on." at this, another clerk, an older man, intervened. "i'll show you how," he said. "just give me a minute." then, after ringing up a customer, the older man followed through as promised. "screw here, screw there, then you flap it shut." "oh," rich said. "looks simple enough."

it turns out it wasn't. rich ended up buying mini-screwdrivers from target that cost $19.37. as the total came up, he realized the irony.

earlier yesterday, driving around, byron and i started talking about how sacramento seems to have gotten worse. much, much worse. apparently, the closest 711's have been getting robbed pretty frequently, and someone was shot and killed at the shell station right on kiefer blvd. last friday. "yeah, i know," byron said. "it's getting terrible." he seemed to think about it some more. "like, there's all these black kids playing basketball in my neighborhood." "why do you automatically assume black kids are causing all the trouble?" i asked him. "oh, i'm not. i'm just saying there's a lot of different ethnicities. it's not that's it good or bad..." his tripped over his logic. but it was a fun conversation while it lasted anyway.

today i'm making lesson plans and i don't have a damn clue about what i'm doing. so far, this is what it costs to become a credentialed california teacher:

cbest: $41
cset (single subject, english tests 1,2,3,4): $210
u.s. constitution equivalency test: $32
tb skin test: $13
project pipeline application fee: $50
project pipeline enrollment fee: $500
california commission on teacher credentialing fee: $55
livescan (fingerprinting) fee: $20
monthly deductions to pay for tuition for 20 months: $478.00 = $9560
gas driving to test sites, interviews, district office, trainings and meetings: $300+

grand total for becoming a credentialed high school english teacher in the state of california (taking the alternative, nonprofit route):

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