not all who wander are lost; except for a few, including me.

here i am, wasting time as always. i have done nothing productive today other than get rid of two jackets i never wear and a polyester t-shirt. two days here and i'm already bored out of my mind. at the thrift store, a man with lots of tattoos dropped a cd holder. i picked it up. he didn't thank me for it; instead, he held out a notebook with a cd attached to it. "what's this? a game?" he asked. "yeah, i think it's a game," i said. then later, he ran into me in the store again. "is there a mirror back there?" "yeah, there should be one back there," i told him. i got the thought after that that all people want some form of communication even if it's that microscopic. i feel like everyone in sacramento is really lonely and desperate. i didn't pick up on that in seattle. there, everyone felt too cool. like i had to constantly prove myself to somebody if i wanted to hang out with him/her. watsonville actually felt like community. everyone there wanted to feed me, not kill me.

i really dislike this transition period. it's hot, i'm sweaty, and it makes me never want to leave the house. which should be a good thing because i should be planning lessons and whatnot, but instead i've just been reading the new teacher book aimee let me borrow. it's got good information and will probably keep me from losing it altogether. i also thought about signing up for a creative writing class at a community college. i think that'll help me keep it together.
sam has been in the backyard for a while. i think he's trying to get chance to fall asleep. dumb dogs.

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