the perks of unemployment.

i'm glad i've got all this free time on my hands. my mom and i talked about me not knowing what i'm supposed to be doing. she's all for me being unemployed. "dad was out of work for five years, so it doesn't really matter. we still made it." we talked about a lot of things tonight, most of which centered around work. she told me about how she worked at a hospital in woodland for a week. on her first day, an airplane crashed, and a farmer was wheeled in, "half his bones hanging out." she couldn't work there anymore, not because of the nearly dead farmer, but because it was too far, and she didn't own a car.

"there was no public transportation at that time," she said. "uncle nanding would drive me out there in the middle of winter, and there was too much fog. and i felt bad for him because he didn't have to be at work until 8. i had to be there at 6:45. and then i'd get off at 3 o'clock, but i'd have to wait until 5 for him to pick me up. i told them at the end of the week that it wasn't going to work out."

my mom didn't own a car until her late twenties. she bought a volkswagon rabbit from a dealer in sacramento.

"when i was working at mercy downtown, i'd always park across the street so i could see my car. i was so naive at the time," she said, "because i read in a manual that the car had to be parked in a garage or else it would rust. and all the doctors and nurses laughed at me when i said that. but anyway, i would park across the street and i would always look at it every couple of hours, and my patients would ask, 'is it still there?'"

"were you worried that it would get stolen?" i asked.

"no," she said. "i was just amazed that i had a car."

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