terrific speech 2.

orientation day number 2. the superintendent delivered a speech about "never giving up" on kids, how we are the "elite" and supposedly selected from a pool of 100+ applicants. i didn't really believe the latter. i'm still trying to figure out how i beat out older, credentialed applicants with a buttload more of experience than me. i met one drill sergeant and the science teacher today. it helped settle my stomach a little, seeing that they were normal, breathing human beings, and not psychotic animals who have hard-ons for military destruction, as i had previously envisioned them. drill sergeant's advice: come in monday morning with confidence, and prove to them that you want to be there, that teaching is something you want to do, and have always wanted to do. simple enough, right? sometimes before falling asleep, i have these long speeches thought out in my head, exposing racism, homophobia, sexism for what it is. having my kids call out all the celebrities they can think of, and show them how the majority of hollywood, the majority of the media, is dominated by white men and women. how this will tie into the rest of the curriculum, i'm still not yet sure.

today was kind of pointless. they showed us how to take attendance on the computer and how to use our email system. like we've never used computers before. i got out of there around 2:30.

byron came by around five and we were bored out of our minds. he finally decided he wanted to go to dairy queen and buy a double cheeseburger and a mint flurry. i thought about how i used to be 18 and eat that kind of shit. disgusting.

then we romped around my backyard, talking about things we could possibly soup up one day. it's going to be a lot of work. our new idea is to create slideshows, ala cartoons and images, set to ambient music. i'll need a projector.

i'm clearly running out of ideas.

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Dtrap134 said...

Sometimes you just want a mint oreo blizzard...