be perfect.

before i go to bed, i just have to say how great friday night lights the movie is. i don't know about the tv show, but the movie is amazing. not only is the score perfect, but little moments, like when billingsley's dad gives him his championship ring at the end, or when booby breaks down in his uncle's car, whimpering, "i don't know what i'm gonna do. i can't play football..." i'll admit i'm a big sap, and those scenes get to me every time. even coach gaines' halftime speech inspires me to get my act together and be perfect. it's probably the fourth time i've seen it, and even though i hate football--i can't even sit through an entire superbowl--this movie floors me every time.

i remember watching varsity blues in high school, and even though that movie is shit compared to friday night lights, it nevertheless made me wish i was an athlete so that i could've felt part of a team. the closest i had to that was the basketball b team (yes, they called us the "b team" in case we got uppity with a few wins) in eighth grade. we actually developed pretty well as the season went along, but we blew it big time in the championship game. the only thing i really remember from that whole period is hitting my first three-point jumper, and swatting some kid. i swatted a lot of kids, but this one time, it actually got my whole team on their feet. normally, i wouldn't ever use the word "glad" to describe me, but at that particular moment, i felt pretty goddamn glad.

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