complete jackass.

right now, rich is busy assembling a cart grill he purchased from home depot. we got the idea to barbecue, sometime around 5 this afternoon, and now, i think he's regretting it.

we busy ourselves with random things. it sure beats sitting around, complaining of boredom. so, nothing to do? let's move this pile of rotting, dirty wood from the middle of our patio to the garage, where the wood won't get warped from the rain. at one point today, the three of us were throwing rotten peaches (or maybe they were apples) at an empty can of laundry detergent. i still enjoy that more than walking around a mall.

and for those of you who are interested, my secret commenter has revealed himself as "grachus moncur," though some close investigation (i googled it) has shown that the name belongs to an american jazz artist, born in 1937. grachus, whose email name shows up as ds dsd, has linked me to interesting youtube videos. my favorite is the "how many environmentalists does it take to change a light bulb?" video shown here:

another commenter posted that she had actually intended to post an albert einstein quotation on my cousin rich's blog, which he started only a few days ago (he is linked on the right). this commenter goes by the name maria-theresa, though her commenter's name was "hampton," and she claims to be from cuba. what is going on with this blogging community? how many strangers are reading this? please, reveal yourselves. i'd like to read yours, too.

tomorrow i will take a typing test for a secretarial job, meet a potential new friend, and surprise my cousin. he won't know what hit him. and don't worry, i'll be sure to blog all about it.

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