dirty dream #9

another awful dream last night. one where i'm standing in some parking lot with other people, and we're watching this space shuttle launch. for some reason, everyone begins chanting, "impact! impact!" and i don't really understand it. the shuttle falters, and ends up going into some skyscraper. it explodes, obviously, and all the glass buildings around it shatter. i wake up as the glass starts raining down upon us.

on a lighter note, i have another dream that gives me an idea for a children's story. we'll see if it ever gets written.


Anonymous said...

The most bewildering thing about man is his idea of work and the amount of work he imposes upon himself, or civilization has imposed upon him. All nature loafs, while man alone works for a living.
-Lin Yutang

Aaron Elliot said...

paste/open this link and request this book at the sacto public library: