hold your mistake up.

my typing test yesterday went well. on my first practice run, i scored a 96 with 1 error, thus giving me a score of 95 words per minute. the second practice test was awful, since i typed at a super speed and ended up with an ungodly amount of errors. the computer wouldn't even register properly. but, on the real deal, i scored a 93 with 2 errors, giving me 91 wpm. the proctor said i was the fastest typist she's ever tested. finally, some recognition. some payoff for all the endless nights chatting on aim, ranting and debating in pointless chatrooms, and of course, blogging. it was also nice that she pointed this out to me, since i felt rather out of place, as i normally do, since all the test-takers were women. it's something i'm used to, though, since i've been in americorps the past two years. i drove home, even speeding past a few people, with the thought, i might possibly be the quickest at everything.

after the test, i gathered up my cds along with the grand theft auto double pack, and headed off to dimple. david was still working there. david was an old tower records co-worker of mine, who was a pretty cool, laid-back guy. all us other emo nerds envied him because he would always attract all the easy-on-the-eyes female customers. anyway, david ended up transferring to dimple some years back when tower hit financial trouble. ever since, i've talked to him whenever i'm trying to sell music back, and he always tells me he's on his way to do something else. he was going to school, or he was moving to a new place, or he was just going to get another job goddamnit. but he was still there. it was nice to see him, but it was bittersweet to see him still doing something temporary. this brought to mind a conversation i often have with my cousin rich:

"how do people like christina and adam (ex-tower workers, now working for the tower spin-off, r5 records) do it? when do they decide, this is it? you know, i thought most people working retail, especially at record stores, were always trying to do something else. like go to school, get a better-paying job, or anything. they're smart people, adam and christina. what brings people to think, this is the best i can do?"

rich's response: "i don't know, man."

anyway, david gave me $62 in cash for my pile of crappy cds. he asked what raft of dead monkeys sounded like. i mumbled something then added, "they're kind of rocking..." "kind of hard to describe?" "yeah," i answered. "but i think you might like them." "i'll give it a listen," he said.

when i drove to my cousin byron's house yesterday to meet him for his surprise, i was stuck in traffic. all the rosemont high school kids were just getting off school. it saddened me that i wasn't working there. those kids looked alright.

byron's surprise went down around 4:30. it was a rather long process that i won't describe in full detail, but i will include a few events:

4:30. we wait at the butterfield RT exit for a girl named amy.
4:40. amy gets money from an atm.
5:00. we drive to auburn blvd. where amy meets a man sitting underneath a tree. they exchange something.
5:15 - 7:15. we drive to mountain view, ca.
7:25. amy and i debate whether or not we should tell byron what's going on. at this point, he realizes we're going to a concert, but he still has no idea who we're seeing.
7:26 (approx.). as we debate whether or not to show byron the ticket stub, we turn a corner where the marquee is visible. it's the motherfucking arcade fire with lcd motherfucking soundsystem opening.
7:26:55 (again, approx.). byron undergoes shock.

so yeah, through craigslist, i met amy who said she would supply a ticket if i was willing to drive. and since byron's never been to a concert (yeah, not one in his 19 years of being on the planet), i thought i would surprise him with one. "how's that for your first fucking show? the arcade fire. my first concert was stupid jewel." "jewel, huh?" amy said. "that's impressive." it was still too early to sense whether or not she was being sarcastic.

before lcd soundsystem took the stage, thunder roared above. it was pretty brilliant. they played all their best songs off sound of silver, and closed with a flawless performance of "new york, i love you but you're bringing me down."

and then the arcade fire played. i'm not even going to talk about it. you should, if you're smart like me, sell off a sizable portion of your cd collection, meet strangers off craigslist, and do whatever you need to do to see them. again and again.

wandering around the venue in between sets, though, i had my distorted, pessimistic world view momentarily take over. i couldn't help but think, these are the people who have let us down. though most of them are older, they still seem to have a high school mentality. they're more concerned with being the ultimate, untouchable hipster, and scalping tickets, and drinking cheap but expensive beer than they are with fixing this awful place.

and what's worse is knowing that i'm no better. i'm one of those people, as stephen colbert pointed out, who would do nothing if i saw a peer getting tasered next to me. the only thought i would have, according to colbert, is i wish the cops would stop tasering this guy so i can get on youtube and watch a video of this guy getting tasered. and then i would blog about it.

miserable america, miserable self, i love you but you're bringing me down.

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grachan moncur said...

yeah, we should definitely hang sometime. bring ultrafknbd with you, i haven't seen him in ages.
what does he look like again? caucasian, 6 feet 2 inches, right?